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It’s a tough world out there for the small businesses as the competition in the market is getting tougher with every passing day. It is absolutely clear that the organizations which adopt the right technologies have better chances of competing with the larger fishes in the market. The choice of the right technology can propel the growth of a small business and even turn the smallest business into the fiercest competitor of big corporate houses. SMBs can start by investing in the appropriate business phone system.   

The latest trend among the SMBs is to invest in the latest phone systems that use VoIP technology. A recent survey has concluded that about 41% of the businesses that have employee strength of 100 or less have already migrated to the VoIP business phone systems. There are many other businesses that are contemplating such a move in the coming days. This trend is catching up among the SMBs because they have realized that a robust business telephone system can help their business stay afloat and get an edge over the larger companies in the market.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the prominent advantages of switching to VoIP business phone systems:

Amazing features: Majority of the SMBs do not have enough money to project themselves as a large concern in front of their customers. For instance, a small company might not have a receptionist or even a brick and mortar office. Now VoIP can help such companies build an image of a professional by using some of the advanced features offered by VoIP phone solutions. Features like auto-attendant, voicemail, call forwarding and email notification can present a very professional image of the company. On top of this, VoIP solutions facilitate the integration of existing email and CRM systems, which enables efficient and effective call handling.

Huge cost savings: For the SMBs every penny counts and they would be better off spending the money on products, services and solutions instead of investing on admin tasks. VoIP can help the smaller organizations free up their IT team as the entire communication system can be managed from a centralized network. The companies will never have to pay for multiple lines and availing additional features like video and voice conferencing. VoIP helps the data to be routed on the same network.

Higher Productivity: By investing on the latest VoIP telephony solutions, smaller organizations will be able to cut down their productivity losses incurred for maintaining the legacy equipments. The IT team in the organization will be able to focus on other important tasks and the employees too will be able to concentrate on the core business processes, which would eventually result in higher profits. .

Service: The VoIP telephone systems facilitates easy and quick video conferencing with customers and attend calls on the go by using features such as Find Me/Follow Me. There are several add-ons that allow the SMBs to give priority to their clients and customers.

Numerous other benefits are offered by VoIP that enables the SMBs into creating a robust communication system that is not only efficient but also offers higher flexibility. If you too are running a small business then it is imperative that you switch to VoIP because it would help you weed out any communication issues and help in raking in higher profits.

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