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How to Clean Wearable Technology

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Smart watches, heart rate monitors, exercise trackers and other forms of wearable tech gadgets are becoming increasingly popular, with many people taking advantage of their portable and live information streaming. But this form of electronic equipment still comes with a hefty price tag, so good quality maintenance is important if you don’t want to keep having to buy replacements. Being on the skin means they are especially likely to accumulate dirt, dust, and sweat. To make sure yours stay in top condition, here’s a guide to keeping them clean.

      1. Firstly, make sure to turn the device off completely. Using products or rubbing the screen when it’s on can cause chaos in the operating system and having a black background will also help you identify smudges and stains more easily.

      2. If you are cleaning your piece of kit because it’s suffered some form of water damage, start by placing it in dried rice for 24 hours to draw out the moisture. Never use a heated hair dryer on your equipment as this can melt the mechanisms and stop it working. If your wearable tech has sustained serious water damage, make sure to take it to a specialist for repair as the fluid is likely to have seeped into the inside sections, which can’t be sorted at home.

      3. Once the device is off, wipe the screen with a dry, lint-free cloth. The cardinal rule when deciding how to clean laptop screens, televisions, smartphones, or (as in this case) wearable tech, is to avoid paper tissue, towels, rags or any other cleaning cloth. These can be too harsh for sensitive LCD displays, or already have dirt on them that could scratch the screen. Focus on any areas with smudges or stains, but be sure not to press too hard.

In general, avoid using cleaning liquids on touch screens, as these can cause major damage – but do check the manufacturers’ guidelines, as they sometimes recommend a particular solution that is safe to use. If in doubt, guides on how to clean laptop screens are often useful for general advice about getting electronic equipment clean.

      4. Next, remove the strap and give this a clean. Straps can get particularly dirty, absorbing sweat from your skin and bacteria from the immediate environment. If your strap is fabric, soak it in an antibacterial solution overnight, and then let it dry thoroughly before reattaching to the screen. If it is plastic or leather, wipe down with a gentle cleaning solution and rub clean with a towel. Do this regularly to stop grime accumulating on the strap and migrating over to the electronic sections of your gadget.

5    5. Finally, check your ports. Because of the indentations, these can be an ideal home for bacteria, dirt and other nasty substances to build up. Use a small piece of tissue to remove anything you can see and then – checking the safety instructions beforehand – you could try some isopropyl alcohol on a cotton bud to sweep out anything left. For unmovable dirt, try blasting with cold air (from a hairdryer, if it has this setting).

And there you have it: a clean, fresh piece of wearable tech that’s ready to be strapped back on and used optimally once again. This method is also very adaptable, so can be used to decide how to clean laptop screens as well as smartphones and other gadgets with sensitive screens. Whatever it is you’re cleaning, make sure to keep the cleaning regime up regularly to extend the life of your equipment!
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