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7 Top Best 2014 Cars for the Money

Are you looking for good and current model cars that have value for money? It is not easy to find out the good model that offer good return on your investment. The value for money on your investment can be weighed in various ways such as rich features, depreciation of the car and as well as comparing the strong performance of the car to the price of the models. Here are the helpful tips for the car shoppers on seven different cars based on different lifestyles and budgets which also offer the buyers series of value for the money they invested on it.

Volkswagen Studie Golf GTI W12

  • Dodge Challenger
If you are looking for muscle cars, Dodge Challenger is the best that can give you value for your money. According to Kelley Blue Book, after 3 years of endless usage, Challenger will still retain 60% of its initial value while at 5 years, 50% value is still guaranteed. The interior is cushy making it suitable for long journey. The multi-link back suspension gives comfort and confident while on the bumpy roads. It is very good for those that are looking for the car with best performance because it has fabled Hemi V8 engine that is able to turn the car into all-out monster and yet maintain the modern ease and comforts.
  • Volkswagen GTI
Are you ready to go for small, fun and affordable car? Then, Volkswagen GTI is purposely designed for you. It is just like any other Volkswagen models with best interior in its class, captivate the owners with luxury expected from any other expensive car. The turbo charged four-cylinder engine gives more than adequate power to cruise the little sloping rear car door that is lifted to open forward as the chassis, suspension and the steering offer faultless road managing abilities competitors cannot withstand. The car is fun and practical. The fuel economy is 21 mpg city per 31 mpg highway thereby make it perfect choice for daily transporter and weekend fun.
  • Honda Odyssey
Do not be amazed when you see Honda among the list. It is just to let you know that it has a legacy of giving huge value. Odyssey cannot be compared with the minivan segment due to its value retention of about 55% at 36 months and 39% at 60 months. Honda Odyssey is highly rich in features; optional built-in vacuum used to clean up messes of the little ones, wide screen back seat entertainment system that will always make the passengers happy, legendary reliability of the automaker which make the ownership experience hassle-free. To crown it all, Odyssey has been rated with full star for its safety from IIHS and NHTSA dues to features like standard back view camera and side curtain airbags which gives best protection at side effects from certain angle. Based on the estimate of EPA, Odyssey fuel economy is the best in its class with 19 mpg city per 28 mpg highway.

  • Chevrolet Volt
Finding yourself driving Chevrolet Volt at all times is not recognized as the smart way to maximize your investment but could only help you reduce air pollution and addiction to the sources of foreign energy. The car layout gives comfort and perfect space at the front seats coupled with the seating features for two people at the back and convenient load hatchback cargo section. If you truly want to benefit the alternative energy car and want to avoid strange driving experience, then Chevrolet is just like a traditional gasoline-only car when compare to rival models.
  • Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
When talking of high level of performance and value, 2014 Corvette Stingray model will surely make a huge impact for those looking for road fun or track. Based on the calculation of Kelley Blue Book, this is one of the best models in 2014 that still retain its initial value of 67% at 3 years and 53% of its initial value at 5 years. It is designed with powerful small block V8 engine that helps to pump out 455 hp. However, the new version is manufactured with a level of handling that competes with some of the best sport cars across the globe. The 2014 model has been redesigned with soft leather interior with many cushy surfaces.
  • Tesla Model S
This was once known by the electric car critics as ‘Vaporware”. The 2014 brand new model of Tesla has created tremendous impact in the car industry. The exterior is attractive and amazingly sophisticated. The inner is spacious and as a result of the electric power, it drives smoothly with little or no sound. Presently, Tesla is still under construction of super chargers across the US, hence to possess a Model S is now becoming a practical dream. Moving from biggest batter pack gives the driving range close to different cars powered by gasoline.
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser
Amazingly, Toyota FJ Cruiser has been designed to withstand the tough time of the rough terrain and also to carry off the ultra-cool retroactive look and yet retain its value. It comes with many features with comfortable interior which makes it much perfect for long journey. Now that Toyota is phasing out production in 2015, if you need FJ Cruiser as your brand new car, this is the time to buy one.

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