Monday, April 20, 2015

Best phones of 2015

1. Samsung Galaxy S6

Price when reviewed: 32GB, £600 inc VAT

Samsung Galaxy S6 - front shot
Samsung finally kicked out plastic for its latest smartphone design and, aside from a couple of reservations, the result is a triumph. The S6 looks glorious with Gorilla Glass 4 at the front and rear and coloured metal beneath it to give it a glitzy, shimmering look. And Samsung has significantly beefed up the innards without impacting on battery life negatively.

The highlight, however, is the improved camera, which now boasts optical image stabilisation and a wide f/1.9 aperture for stunning image capture in all conditions.

The S6 edge is just as good and arguably the more attractive device, but its unusual curved screen and the fact that there's no 32GB option bumps the price of an already expensive phone up to an eye-watering £760. Buy the S6: you won't regret it.

2. Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

Price when reviewed: £348 inc VAT
Best phones Xperia Z3
Sony’s pint-sized smartphone packs in a host of premium features without the high-end price.

3. Nexus 5

Price when reviewed: £199 inc VAT
Best phones Nexus 5
Google has finally killed off the Nexus 5, but if you can get your hands on one it remains a superb smartphone. The price is significantly lower than most flagship devices and is set to drop yet further, which is why it's still one of our favourite smartphones. The design is impressive, it's as powerful as you need and the screen is great.

4. Samsung Galaxy S5

Price on 30/03/15: £330 inc VAT
Samsung Galaxy S5
There's an awful lot to like about the Samsung Galaxy S5: it's good-looking, tough, big, feature rich and we love the user-replaceable battery and memory expansion. It's a great smartphone in every way, and now that the S6 is here, the price is more reasonable. If you're not precious about the way your phone looks, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a great buy.

5. iPhone 6

Price when reviewed: £539 inc VAT
best smartphone iphone 6

It's a brave new world for Apple's larger iPhone, and it's much the better for it. Super-fast, beautiful to look at and lovely to use. It's the dictionary definition of a flagship handset.

6. Motorola Moto G

Price when reviewed: £140 inc VAT
Best phones Moto G
A high-quality budget Android handset with an excellent screen and decent battery life. There's now a 4G version as well, for those hankering after faster mobile data.

7. HTC One M9

Price when reviewed: £580 inc VAT
HTC One M9 - front view
HTC took the One M8's design and refined it for 2015, creating a truly stunning smartphone. The internals have been upgraded as well: Qualcomm's octa-core Snapdragon 810 SoC; the camera goes from the M8's 4-megapixel snapper to 20 megapixels; and HTC has added a host of features to its Sense Android launcher software. 
It's a beautifully crafted and highly competent smartphone, just like last year's HTC One M8. But it's only a small improvement on the M8.

8. LG G3

Price when reviewed: £459 inc VAT
Best phones LG G3
LG rustles up a classy, top-rung smartphone, with a ridiculously high-resolution screen and super-fast camera; but that display takes its toll on battery life.

9. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Price when reviewed: £599 inc VAT
Best phone Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review
Samsung has produced the finest phablet yet. In addition to a new Quad HD display and a smart new look, Samsung has bumped up the speed, battery life, camera quality and range of features – big-screened phones don't get any better.

10. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Price when reviewed: £609 inc VAT

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
With most of the same features as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and a funky curved-edge display, it’s hard to criticise the Edge. However, that curved display, intriguing as it is, both adds to the cost and impacts upon both battery life and build quality – and that's enough to cement the Note 4 as our large-screen smartphone of choice.

11. Nexus 6

Price when reviewed: £499 inc VAT
The Nexus 6 has taken us by surprise in the short time we’ve had it. Once you sidle past the unavoidable fact of its gargantuan size, there’s an awful lot it does right. Battery life is good, the camera is excellent, and the build and design quality are second to none. And although its rivals hold an edge over it in many areas, the differences aren’t huge.

12. iPhone 6 Plus

Price when reviewed: £619 inc VAT
Apple iPhone 6 Plus review

Apple’s 5.5in giant isn’t for everyone, but for some it may prove the perfect mid-point between an iPad and iPhone. And contrary to initial reports, our long-term review sample hasn't suffered from any undue bending - it's remained rock-solid in the face of all the abuse we've dished out.

13. Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Price when reviewed: £550 inc VAT
Best phone Samsung Galaxy Alpha
The Galaxy Alpha is Samsung's best-looking smartphone to date, but it's short on features and the price is too high. Come the 10th April and the release of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, we suspect the Galaxy Alpha will be consigned to the scrapheap.

14. Motorola Moto X

Price when reviewed: £419 inc VAT
Best Phones Moto x
Motorola’s second-generation Moto X hits most of the right notes, coupling beautiful design with a hatful of innovative and useful features.

15. Nokia Lumia 930

Price when reviewed: £419 inc VAT
best phone Nokia Lumia 930
The Lumia 930 is a knock-out from the first moment you pick it up. It's a Windows Phone device, so it can't compete on apps, but the design of Nokia's flagship is sumptuous and right up there with the best around.

16. Sony Xperia Z2

Price when reviewed: £440 inc VAT
best phones Xperia Z2
Sony proves that big really is beautiful; the Xperia Z2 provides a long-lasting alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8.

17. Sony Xperia Z3

Price when reviewed: £477 inc VAT

Sony Xperia Z3 - front
The successor to the Z3 isn't that much different. It's a touch slimmer and lighter than the Z2, the screen is brighter, and the processor is clocked a fraction higher, but almost everything else is the same. It's a very good Android device, and if you can still find a Z2 for sale it will be much cheaper and almost as good.

18. Motorola Moto E

Price when reviewed: £79 inc VAT
Best phones Moto E
Makes plenty of compromises to keep costs down, but performs where it counts; the Moto E is another winner from Motorola at a highly tempting price. This is the best sub-£100 handset by a country mile.

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