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Do you use mobile apps safely

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In a normal working day, you could use a multitude of apps a handful of times. You might use them to pay bills, to order taxis, or to check your Internet banking. And, all the while, you could be putting your information at risk. There is a tendency to trust mobile apps as if they are infallible. The truth is that nothing is infallible, especially not an application. To make sure that no one takes you for a ride, you need to start using them responsibly. Here are a few tips that should help.

1.    Only Download From Recognized App Stores

The two main app stores are the Apple App Store and Google Play. These are the two that dominate the landscape when it comes to mobile apps as they are the stores for Apple and Android. If you are not downloading from one of these stores, you should be careful. Apple and Android adhere to the strictest rules and regulations, which is good from your point of view. If you download Lyft or Uber, for example, you know they are not scamming you. The same can’t be said for other stores.

2.    Be Aware Of What You Are Granting

One of the worst ways to use an app is to give it free reign by agreeing to the terms and conditions without looking. You should only download an app if you agree with the T&Cs. Only then can you be sure that nothing untoward will occur. If you don’t, you could run up a huge in-play bill because you didn’t know about in-app purchases. Or, you could allow them to disclose information you want to stay private to other sources. If the following doesn’t seem like a good idea, you should press cancel.

3.    Look At The Content Ratings

All the major apps stores provide you with app ratings. These ratings are essential if you want to download age appropriate material. Don’t forget that using applications safely is also about keeping your children safe as they browse. If the ratings say that they are too violent or too mature, don’t download them. They are easy to use as the number refers to the age you should be if you want to use the app. For example, 18+ in the Windows Store means you have to be eighteen or older.

4.    Treat Your Phone Like Your Bank Card

You wouldn’t give a stranger your bank card, so don’t give them your phone. Smartphones are one of the most popular ways to connect to your sensitive data, and that is not a good thing if it lands in the wrong hands. The first step is to protect your phone with a password. If you have been following the news, you will know that the encryptions are that good that the FBI need help. Also, you need to logout of any apps that have your bank details. Should the worst happen, you should be safe.

At the least, you will buy enough time to contact your provider and ask them to block the phone. 

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