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What Are Dual Core, Quad Core, Hexa Core & Octa Core Processors?

Today you will learn something new here. Yeah! I’m saying new because I know many people are here not aware of terms Dual Core, Quad Core, Hexa Core & Octa-Core Processors. So, In this article, I will explain in the simplest way about CPU cores with examples to help you to choose the hardware specs you want when buying a device such as a smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop.

What Are Dual Core, Quad Core, Hexa Core & Octa Core Processors


A processor core is a processing unit which reads in instructions to perform any actions. Instructions are chained up together so that, when run in actual time, they make up your computer experience. Everything you do on your computer or laptop has to be processed by your processor. Whatever you do like open a folder or file or apps on smartphones, tablets that require your processor. When you type into a word document in notepad, that also requires your processor. Everyone love to play games on the computer? yeah! May you be aware of game graphic cards or drivers? Graphic cards contain hundreds of processors to quickly work on data at the same moment, but to some limits, they still require your processor as well.
Number-of-cores processors


Well, it’s very simple that why these processors are called Dual core, Quad core, Hexa core, Octa core, and Deca-core. This is because of the number of cores they have. Dual core processors are made up of 2 cores that’s why named dual core. Likewise, quad-core processors are made up of 4 cores, hexa core processors with 6 cores, octa core with 8 cores and, in the same manner, deca-core with 10 cores.
  • Dual Core: 2 cores
  • Quad Core: 4 cores
  • Hexa Core: 6 cores
  • Octo Core: 8 cores


Let me explain. For example, if you have a quad-core processor (4 cores), then the task will be divided in 4 parts to be completed rapid but if you’ve octa-core processor (8 cores), then the task will be divided into 8 parts & complete the task in double speed means double faster than quad core processor.
Now, Let me explain in detail about each of these processors one by one:
Dual core informs to a CPU that includes 2 complete execution cores per physical processor. It combined with two processors and their caches & cache controllers onto a single integrated circuit(silicon chip).
A Quad core processor is a chip with 4 independent units called cores that read & execute CPU instructions such as add, branch & move data. In the chip, each core operates in conjunction with other circuits such as memory management, cache & input/output ports. The individual cores in a quad-core processor can run multiple tasks at the same time & also increase the overall speed for programs consistent with parallel processing.
Hexa-core is another multi-core processor that comes with 6 cores and has the power to perform tasks even faster than Dual-core & Quad-core processors. For Computer users, Hexa Core processors are nothing new because Intel has already launched its i7 Hexa-Core processor in 2010. But, this term may be new for smartphone users because most smartphone companies were using only Dual-core & Quad-core processors but very few smartphones are launched with Hexa-core processors.
Like dual core processors are made up of Two cores, Quad-core with Four cores and Hexa-core with Six cores, the octa-core processors are made up of Eight cores to perform task very efficiently & even double faster than a quad-core processor.
Now modern Octa-core processors, simply have two sets of Quad core processors, which divide their tasks between them, according to type. Most of the time, the lower-powered tasks set of cores will be occupied. When advanced tasks are needed, then the faster set of 4 cores will kick in. A more accurate term than octa-core, then, it would be “Dual Quad-core Processor” Sounds confusing & it’s not nearly so marketable or saleable. So, octa-core it is.
So this was all about Core Processors, I hope you find this article helpful. If you found this article then share it on Facebook, twitter with your friends. And If you have any further queries or questions to be asked on this article, feel free to ask. We would like to interact with you regarding your queries and questions. Your suggestions and feedback are always welcomed.

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