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The 5 Best Android Apps For Monitoring Your Kids Social Interactions

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Monitoring social media interactions is the best way to ensure your child’s online presence is safe, secure, and without the threat of future consequences. Additionally, monitoring their communication provides insight into their psychology, meaning it is a method of flagging any signs of depression or other concerns regarding the mental health of your child.

When you just can’t take away your child’s cell phone or tablet to protect them, you need to know how to monitor your kid’s interactions. Fueled, a London App Developer shares with you the five best Android apps for monitoring your kids’ online interactions.


Pumpic is a free app that is especially useful in monitoring the social interactions that occur from your child’s phone directly (i.e. texts and calls) instead of through social media apps. From monitoring call logs and text messages to checking contacts, this is a great software for covering the most basic of social interactions.

 YouTube Kids

More suited for younger children, YouTube Kids is a child-friendly version of the traditional YouTube application with larger buttons and an easier to navigate menu of only four categories of videos: Shows, Music, Learning, and Explore. Parental controls include setting a timer to let your child know when video-watching time is up and restricting search capabilities. For parents of older kids, YouTube provides parental control settings, accessible by tapping the three dots in the top right hand corner and searching for SafeSearch.

Net Nanny

For a more comprehensive control experience, Net Nanny is a software that enables full control over internet filters, profanity protection, and most importantly, social media. Their built-in social media tool gives parental access to all of their kids’ social media accounts, along with all activities on their accounts. The tiered pricing structure for Android devices (based on number of devices) is reasonably priced and gives one of the most holistic monitoring experiences from any Android app.


While providing the traditional monitoring tools of text and call tracking, as well as app download records, the social media tools of uKnowMobile are some of the most comprehensive, with full integration and surveillance over the most popular social media apps: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. What’s most unique about it is the app’s reporting and analytics feature which provides parents with data reports regarding their children’s digital usage.


Outside of the usual monitoring tools, the highlights of TeenSafe include the ability to view deleted text messages and integration into a greater variety of social media apps. The application emphasizes surveillance over textual content more so than any other app on the list and expands its coverage into apps like WhatsApp and Kik Messenger.

With 89% of teens using social media daily and this number only continuing to grow, the threats from cyber-bullying, predators, and other online dangers become all the more prevalent. Beyond these dangers, the psychological consequences of using social media sites and other forms of virtual communication is equally concerning. Using these tools to actively (to whatever extent you wish) monitor your child can diminish all of the threats posed by virtual social interactions.

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