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The automaker plans to launch their own fleet service by using the autonomous cars

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All the automakers and the transportation companies are busy working on their self driving cars. The people from the transportation and automobile industry said that the autonomous cars can reduce fifty percent of the accidents that takes place due to the drivers.

The driverless cars from the automaker
The driverless cars play an important role in the development of safety measures in the transportation industry and to escalate the transition of the world to the future. The autonomous driving technology will permit Tesla to run safer than a human, reduce the transportation cost for the car owners and offer on demand mobility service for the people who do not own a vehicle. Tesla made an announcement on October, in which it said that the vehicles, including the Model S, Model X and Model 3 that are produced in their factory will have an autonomous driving technique that is equipped with high end safety features that are more efficient than the human. 

The vehicle has 12 updated ultrasonic sensors that detect the soft and the hard objects that are double the distance of the system; the vehicle also has 8 cameras that enable 360° visibility up to 250 meters of range around the vehicle. Radar is attached to the vehicle that faces forward and has enhanced processing technique that provides the information about the environment in redundant wavelength such that the vehicle can sense the car ahead even during fog, heavy rain and dust. 

An onboard computer that is forty times better than the previous generation is equipped with the Tesla vehicles that run the software programming for the sonar, vision and radar. Therefore, the new autonomous vehicle not only does the driving process, but it also senses the surrounding environment along with the wavelengths that are beyond the reach of the human driver. 

Tesla vehicles are not meant for ridesharing services
When the automaker announced about their self driving vehicles, they also said that they will not encourage their customers to use the vehicle for the ridesharing purpose. So, people who thought of buying the Tesla Model 3 to pickup Lyft or Uber rides have to be aware of the new announcement made by the carmaker. 

The announcement came along with the legal disclaimer stating that the autonomous functionality used in the vehicles depends on the regulatory approval and the extensive software validation that differs according the jurisdiction. And they are not aware of the fact that when these functional elements mentioned will be available, since it depends on the approval of the local regulation. It also mentioned that the people who are using the Tesla car for ride hailing or car sharing for the family or friends is not a problem, but it does not permit its users to use the autonomous cars for the revenue purpose because it is only allowed in the Tesla networks and the company will release the details only in the following year. 

In general, the duration of the cars used by the owners is only five percent to ten percent of the day; however, the autonomous cars will be used for extra time than the other cars. And with the legal disclaimer it seems that the carmaker plans to venture into the ridesharing network, because it said that when the demand exceeds the supply of the private cars, they will operate their own fleet. 

Competes with the car sharing network
Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla said that when the regulators approve the autonomous vehicles, the users can summon the vehicle from anywhere. And once when the vehicle picks the passengers, they can do anything they wish to do while enrooting to the desired location. He said that the people who wish to take part in the fleet network can add their vehicle to the Tesla’s fleet service by using the mobile app and generate more income even when they are on vacation or at work. 

This new car sharing plan of the carmaker competes directly with the ridesharing giant, Uber because it is also in the course of launching the driverless cars. Already, the San Francisco based car sharing giant launched its pilot program in Pittsburgh in September that enabled the users to hail in autonomous vehicles on the streets of the city with the assistance of the driver and the engineer sitting in the front seat. However, Uber is ahead of the carmaker in the autonomous driving technology by launching the service early in the market. It also shows that the company’s ridesharing market dominates in many cities in the United States. 

Tesla, the very own name is an advantage for the company to stand alone in the market, just like the technology company Apple. To this note, a report states that about one hundred and fifteen thousand people have pre-booked the Model 3 from Tesla even before seeing the new version. And many people will welcome the ridesharing concept of Tesla simply because they get the chance to ride the branded vehicle that they cannot afford to own.

The ridesharing service does not limit to any specific brands, but Tesla plans to create a new revolution in the ridesharing industry. However, it is difficult to tell whether how many Tesla car owners will lend their vehicle the company’s ridesharing program to meet the increased demand in the future.

Autonomous capabilities of the next generation cars
The 1st generation autopilot is integrated into the vehicles that will enable them to automatically steer the wheel, change the lanes according to the signals, when the signal is on, it exits off ramps, checks for parking slots, self Parallel Park, parks vehicle perpendicularly and summoned from the garage. The new hardware tech is included to the pre existing capabilities of the autopilot vehicles that allow the vehicles to do certain things without the human touch, like the driving in traffic roads, move to the lanes without any manual input, and the on/off transition without any driver assistance. These are some of the features capable of the self driving vehicles. 

The on/off freeways merging features and other highway capabilities are not available in the self driving cars of the ridesharing company’s Ford Fusion, because the vehicles are designed for the city roads. And, the Ford Fusion can work only in some places in Pittsburgh city, while the Tesla autonomous vehicle is capable of accessing in any location. However, the Uber’s self driving cars read the stop signs and the traffic signals and this cannot be achieved by the Tesla vehicles until they are completely autonomous.

Uber’s autonomous cars handle level 3autonomy and they are limited to certain locations, but the Tesla driverless car achieve the level 2 autonomy and is developing at faster levels. However, both the vehicles require a driver to take control of the wheels in case of emergency. 

The autonomous system looks to be cheaper because Tesla uses 8 cameras, less expensive lidar sensors, 12 ultrasonic sensors and the basic price seems to be only eight thousand dollars. While Uber’s roof kit consists of GPS, radar sensors, 7 lidar and 20 cameras and it costs less than ten thousand dollars, but the car sharing company refused to state the exact amount. 

However, it is clear that the automobile companies and the car sharing companies together will launch the fully autonomous vehicles in the ridesharing platform.
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