Friday, August 11, 2017

How To Convert A Facebook Profile To A Business Page

Many Facebook users are unaware that it’s against Facebook’s terms to use a personal account to represent a business.  According to Facebook, Pages are designed for businesses (including public figures and “personal brands”) and organizations in order to help businesses connect with customers and reach their business goals.
If your goal is to share updates on your personal profile with a larger network than just friends, you can also allow people to follow you, even if they’re not your friends.
Among other things, with a Page, you have access to Page insights, where you can see important metrics, like which posts people engage with, and visitor demographics like age and location.
Pages can also let you give other people — colleagues — access to your Page so they can also post, and make edits to the Page.
Fortunately, it’s easy to convert a Facebook profile into a Facebook Page. Facebook calls the process a “Profile to Business Page Migration” and it can be done through accessing this tool here.
There are a few issues to be aware of prior to converting a profile to a business Page:
  1. You can only convert your profile to a Page one time.
  2. When you convert your personal profile to a page you’ll have a personal account AND a Page after the conversion.
  3. Facebook will transfer your profile picture and your cover photo to the Page. You’ll need to update the Page with images that are appropriate for your business.
  4. The name on your personal account will become the Page’s name.
  5. Facebook provides tool to help you move information from your profile to your Page for 14 days after the conversion.
  6. You can choose friends from your profile to automatically like your new Page, but posts on your profile will not be carried to your Page.
  7. You can manage your Facebook Page from your personal profile.
When the conversion process occurs profile friends will be converted into Page Likes.
If you know a business that has a profile instead of a Facebook Page, or a friend who would like to position themselves as a public figure or personal brand on Facebook, pass this information along and let us know if it helped!

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