Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Comparing Smart Assistants: Google vs Alexa vs Siri

Smart assistants are a growing trend. They have an accelerating graph and every now and then we see them getting smarter with each move. Whether you wish to book a cake for your birthday or play your favorite song. The modern day virtual smart assistants can get anything done. Smart assistants were made so they could do your daily tasks smartly and make humans more efficient at work.

A smart assistant is basically a virtual assistant that runs on the base of an algorithm that absorbs voice based commands, analyzes it by looking in the database and giving the best output to a certain query. The best part is that these smart assistants keep getting smarter with every usage. Top 3 global companies are always on the move to make their smart assistant the best. Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s assistant and Apple’s Siri are all in the race to prove that they are smartest at making assistants. 

The best part is about how natural can a smart assistant sound. Every company is working towards making their smart assistants sound as smart as possible both in terms of voice and quality of response. They even pack their own flavors of different sense of humor. Below infographic is an excellent example of how things work on different smart assistants. The question about who is the best is a very subjective question. You can see how different assistants work and it is over you to understand which one is the best for your tasks. They all have a trigger word which when said makes them alert so they can grasp human queries. 

From all the questions which were asked. We have come to a conclusion that the best responses came from google assistant. The most accurate and relevant information came from Amazon Alexa while Apple’s Siri which has been blended with Apple homepod which is yet to give a tough competition to the other assistants. At the end, it all boils down to the kind of tasks that you wish to get done from your assistants.

Comparing Smart Assistants - Infographics

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