Thursday, April 12, 2018

YouTube Super Stickers are a new way for creators to make money

YouTube has introduced Super Stickers, a new way it says its creators can make money from fans who want to support them. The stickers will be made available to eligible creators starting today in 60 countries — viewers will need to buy them, making them similar to the Super Chats feature already available during live streams. The release is kicking off with a total of eight sticker packs, including ones that are animated.

Anyone who watches a YouTube creator during a live stream will be familiar with Super Chats; they’re the messages that viewers pay to send. The messages are pinned at the top of the chat and part of the funds are given to the creator as a way to support their channel. Super Stickers are essentially the same, but with fun ‘stickers’ rather than messages.

These images and animations are stickers in the same sense that Messenger features ‘stickers.’ They feature fun characters and, in YouTube’s case, five of the eight packs are animated and come with bios. Examples include a ‘biggest fans’ sticker, Bushiba the mischievous dog, and ‘Hi, Popo,’ a hippopotamus.

YouTube creators will need to enable Super Stickers on their channel in order for viewers to use them. Any creator who is eligible for Super Chats is also eligible for Super Stickers, which will be enabled by default for any creator who already has Super Chats enabled.

The stickers are launching in English, Japanese, French, Portuguese, and Korean. YouTube promises additional Super Stickers in the future, saying that viewers can expect to see these arrive in ‘coming months.’ The full list of countries where Super Stickers are available can be found on Google’s Support website here.

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