Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Ways to extend the life of your printer

If you stuck up with a paper jam, then you might wonder will your printer last as long as they do? Especially since, on average support pros devote very little time to working on printers. It is too bad, as expensive repair bills can add up swiftly, and replaying printers before their time is a not – so – affordable endeavour. While supporting printers is hardly glamorous, a small effort can lengthen the lifespan of any printer. These tips are suitable for any type of printer you use. Remember to refer the manual as well.

Clean the inside of the printer

As simple as it sounds, one of the best measures to take is to perform a simple clean inside the printer. It is easy to do and if you see excess paper dust or debris when you open the printer clean it regularly.

Refrain from using torn, bent or used paper

Damaged paper can also cause jams. At any time it happens, there is a possibility that something else on the printer might break. To prevent this and any other issues, always use new paper that is not torn, damaged or bent in any way.

Use premium quality paper

At a cost saving measure, many companies buy medium to low grade paper to use in their printer. But, this type of paper can also cause jams. To help you find the right type of paper you need to use in your printer, most makers publish minimum paper standards.

Never fan the paper before loading

There is a famous misconception that fanning a ream of paper before loading it in the printing tray might lessen the paper jams. This is not true and you need to avoid this method, as it can cause static electricity to build up between the paper sheets, which might cause even more jams.

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