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What principal features make your Dating App attain more popularity

When we speak of the online dating app industry, its market is predicted to surpass $8.4 billion by the year 2024. The market is flooded with over thousands of dating apps. The dating app market revenue is forecasted to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 9.3%, which will lead to an estimated market volume of US $2,505 million in 4 years. Tinder, Bumble and OkCupid are among the leading dating apps. It was, in fact, the Tinder app which acted as a pioneer in the mobile app dating domain. 

It has led to many venture capitalists and businesspersons featuring their Tinder clone products to replicate the success of the original Tinder app. 

So, if you wish to invest in a dating app, make sure to prioritize user expectation above everything. 

This article will enlighten you regarding some critical parameters that can very well help in developing a dating app which meets user expectations completely. 

  • Security : It is the expectation of every user to get a dating app that comes with a robust privacy and top-notch security. If there are no such features, it will lead to cybercrimes via these apps, and people might start avoiding such platforms altogether. Ensure that the user data in the dating app is wholly fortified from all such threats. Thereby it is very mandatory to provide an enjoyable but most importantly, safe user experience for all the users. So, it is better to be very clear regarding how the app functions as this will optimize user engagement and satisfaction. 
  • User Experience : Seamless and productive user experience is also a trait that will make your Tinder clone very successful. One main reason why Tinder achieved such superstardom in the Dating industry was that it offered easy to use features and rich UI/UX. Thereby ensure all means to make Dating a lovely event via your Dating application. 
  • Location-based Feature : The integration of GPS will surely optimize convenience when it comes to dating app usage. Location-based features have already gained a stronghold when it comes to popularity. Thereby when someone is using your Tinder clone app, make sure that it suggests interesting people for the user based on his/her profile and current location. It could even be the catalyst that helps in finding the ultimate match for the user. 
  • Being Creative / Innovative : Before you invest yourself in the dating app industry, ensure that you offer creative and unique features to enthral people and to get more user retention. Offer something unique that sets you apart from all the other competitors in the market. Ultimately the final objective of offering an innovative Tinder clone is to ensure that the app experience is optimized and that people come back for even more of what you have in store for them. 
  • Artificial Intelligence Integrated App Solution : Possessing the power of Artificial Intelligence is an excellent way to refine and optimize the user experience in your dating app. So, with AI, your Tinder clone is fine-tuned to create some of the best matches as based on the likes, dislikes and the patterns of the user behaviour which it studies carefully. It can add to a futuristic experience when it comes to app usage and functioning. With the power of AI, the chances of you succeeding in the already over-crowded dating app market is exponentially magnified. 
  • In-App Messaging and other social features : When we speak about dating, it involves communicating seamlessly with one another to get to know each other very well. Thereby make sure to integrate your dating application with an instant direct messaging feature. Add more richness as a social platform by integrating video/audio calling, the ability to share their stories effectively and lots more to add more worth to their communication via your dating application. 
  • Push Notifications : Wield the power of Real-Time Push Notifications to smartly send useful and enthralling notifications to users only when applicable. It is because if you send too many notifications to the users, the chances are that they might turn away from your app, leading to abandonment. 

Ending Lines: 

So, to create your version of a Dating application or a Tinder clone, make sure to add a good touch of innovation to set it apart from the other competitors that number in the thousands. It is because fresh concepts and uniqueness are what that determines the success factor of your business. 

We, at Tinderboxsolutions, can transform your fantastic and ambitious ideas into robust Dating App solutions. We have already developed more than 100 dating apps, and our Tinder clone script comes with additional new features that were not a part of Tinder-like: 

(i) Sorting matches based on distance 

(ii) More advanced filters 

(iii) Sending Gifts to a match and 

(iv) Passport Feature 

Visit us at to know more, and we guarantee that, if you take our services, it will be the start of a long-lasting successful business relationship. 

Author Bio: 

Vinoth is the CEO and Co-Founder of Tinderboxsolutions. This Canadian based company uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to create clone solutions for a better tomorrow from a business perspective. Monish loves learning and blogging every new stuff related to the latest technological finds in his free time.

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