Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Angry Birds comes to Chrome - LETS PLAY!!

After conquering almost every major platform out there, Angry Birds has now come to the Chrome web browser. Google and Rovio have announced a deal to the effect.
This version of Angry Birds will include a few personal touches such as Google bombs, color schemes and the Mighty Eagle feature, which will help clear difficult levels. Of course, these features will not be available right from the start, but will appear after Google changes the way that Android applications are paid for, and that would also include being paid for to enable specific features within them.

Contrary to perceptions, this game is not playable exclusively on the Chrome browser. You can play it in just about any web browser and compatibility patches are available for that. I tried it in Mozilla Firefox 4 and it worked without installing any patch. That makes me wonder why and how this version is being labeled and marketed as the Chrome version of the game. Possibly, the exclusive features we talked about earlier may be available for purchase only when the game is being played in the Chrome browser. You can play the free beta version. you love the game and sound.

To get Angry Birds for Chrome, head over to
See this Video:


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