Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Augmented reality is the next-big thing in mobile entertainment. Although it sounds like something out of a William Gibson novel, the premise of augmented reality is fairly simple: it overlays virtual information on to real world places.

Still confused? Well, you see a version of this every time you watch the football – those team badges on the pitch aren’t really there and this is just what apps like Layar do.

Layar is the best augmented reality app by a country mile. It makes use of your phone’s camera to display real-time digital information on to wherever you may be. If you want to know more about a café you are standing beside, then load up Layar and point your phone at the café – it’s that simple.

In the main, you’ll get information like phone numbers, but there may even be a menu and user-generated reviews.

Although Layar is just a web browser, the way it displays information in the world around you is impressive.

There are a whole bunch of categories to choose from and you can even layer/Layar an alien spacecraft over your skyline. Pointless but awesome nonetheless!

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