Thursday, April 24, 2014

Slice It!

There’s nothing like that back to school feeling. The smell of chalk on board, smoking behind the bike sheds, hearing Mr Jones explain to you that what he just did to you was “our little secret…” Ah, the innocence of education.

Slice It! tries to recreate this feeling with geometry puzzles and the use of your index figure. Unlike that other swipe game, Fruit Ninja, Slice It! slows things down and you get points by recreating the right way to slice an object.

It’s all about getting the pieces the right size. If the picture says you have to slice a triangle into three equal pieces, then you have to get as close as possible to this.

While this sounds like hard work, it really isn’t – it’s great fun. The use of a steady finger, and a smooth motion is needed to complete each level so this isn’t a game for a bumpy train. It also depends on the size of your digit. Our podgy fingers meant that accuracy wasn’t the best. But this didn’t stop us trying over and over again.

One of the things that categorises insanity is somebody does something repeatedly. With this in mind Slice It! is one game that may well drive you insane.

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