Thursday, December 29, 2016

Android Video Ad Views miscalculated by Twitter

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Twitter reported the wrong number of video ad views pertaining to its Android App, inadvertently as published by a Business Insider statement which was later corroborated by  Twitter. A defect pertaining to the app resulted in ad viewing numerics to be escalated by 35 % in the time period which was in the middle of November 7th and December 12th.

Earlier this week Twitter has informed the advertisers regarding this error and has recompensated for ad money which was overpaid. The overall spread of this over reporting is not known. Twitter of late announced that 83 % if its monthly average users were mobile average users. However, it has not gone in detail regarding the iOS vs Android usage details
Twitter is not alone in this situation. It has been accompanied by Facebook which faced the issue of misjudging the video measurement/ metric details.

Some unfortunate events existed for a longer period than Twitter's recent issue. In the month of September, Facebook exposed that supplied its partners with wrong information regarding the mean video observance time for approximately 2 years.

Although in the case of Twitter this revealed info could be a lot more significant as a result. The brand has strived for long to confront income and operation hopes pertaining to the users. Further, it has resulted in substantial changes in this year. The brand's CTO Adam Messinger noted that he was quitting the company earlier this week. The stock of Twitter had a 3-month low of 16.38 $ on Friday which is a 17 % drop from a maximum of $ 19.65 in the initial time period of this month.

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