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Top 9 Useful Imperative Apps for Franchiser

Author Bio: Anand Rajendran is the CEO and co-founder of Rutapp Infosystems, a leading Andriod and iOS app development company in Chennai. He is an expert in mobile apps field who has written various articles. Rutapp is a software platform developed by his company allowing business owners to create an app with AirBnb, Uber and other cloning scripts.

Now a day’s app plays a valuable role in all places and necessary too. Everything will be available in the applications. For examples booking flights, ordering food, shopping and so on, this helps in so many ways. These apps are not only useful for us, but also used for industrial and business. The business executives use the application for their business intension.

Not all the application is used for the business executive. The application Research Center (ARC) released the excellent and lowest apps for business executives. The ARC initially listed more 300 that we compressed into 130 for better clarity and this mainly focused for business. They mainly use the application for their productivity, security, analytics and business intelligence.

Let’s poll out the best of apps in the market for the business.

Color notes are used to generate text notes for textual information and we can create a checklist for shopping also. This application has the special features we can change the color of our note and we can set a reminder to your notes. If you are in any high position in a company color notes will help you a lot and at the same time it reminds you at the perfect day so from that we are not going to miss anything.

Color notes having the other features like we can share our notes through email, mms, sms, and messenger. In that we can write from short notes to long document and we can lock our document with skilled secrete code. Color notes are user friendly and easy to use.

Omnifocus is a private task manager and we can see our work in different ways.  This application is only available on IOS and it’s a paid app.  High authorities are busy with their schedules and they have lots of tasks to do. For them task manager is not enough and they need omnifocus to manage, notify their project, place, date and upcoming updates. In this application, we can create multiple files and sort into context vision. 

Capability to link from one file to other or project and printing support is also possible. We can enter quickly into the app and this application is user friendly.

Ever note’s maybe the most well-known digital notebook app ever formed. It’s almost similar with digital draft. And still, reality a notebook app doesn’t even start to explain its popularity. This application is mainly designed for the business man to capture their ideas and making their ideas into quick notes in either audio, snap or text.     

We can share our thoughts and ideas to others whenever you needed. The perfect part of this app is that we will be adapting to share our plan with our team.

CM Security is an application, which is used when the consumer needs greater security over their documents. This app is specially designed for android mobiles.  Sometimes we receive calls from unknown number and some people would like to detective our personal data.

Here is the application which work on multiple task like block the unwanted phone calls, clear the junk files and protect our phone from virus and infected files. In that application, we can also lock our phone from strangers.

This is one such app which whole profession person would like to carry with them. From this application we can make budgets without any difficulties, and see our approach based on our spending. Mint is one of the famous applications in the market. The main advantage of this application is we can see the money and bills from one place.  This will alert and schedule the bill on the correct time. This application is not only for the business it also for anyone how wants to maintain their monthly account correctly.

Viber is one of the popular applications which are used for free text, voice call and video call. Viber has the finest video call with high clarity. Mostly this application is used for international chats. Actually, it synchronizes with mobile phone’s contact so we don’t need to add any numbers in a distant phone book and this is one of the special features of the app. It is fully synchronized between your mobile and your laptops and we can use anywhere at any time.

Weather is also one of the essential ones for business and usual life. Sometimes we are travelling to different places for business deals. This applications which will grant us the updates of the climate. But, there is no such app which will give us the picture of the area with the climate surrounding.

This application does not only give us the analysis of the present climate in the region. It also brings the pictures of the climate of the area where we are currently, at that moment. The application has its particular layout of keeping it clean and less clumsy without various examples. It has the graphical sketch and an interface which instant the particulars of the climate and the status, as easy as that.

Duolingo is the language application. From this application, we can learn a different language. Most of the time business is lead to one specific area or region. Several kinds of profession requires of an expansion and it can be in numerous areas across the world. When we need to develop our business in the several parts of the world, it is excellent that we know the community language. It will aid us to have a great conversation with the traders and fulfill the essential of the business.

Duolingo will help us to study a new language; it has almost all the languages from over the world. We can learn, talk and listen to the set of languages possible on the mobile phone application.

WebEx is an application which you have the online conference with someone who has a net connection to their phones. This application having the features like we can share documents like power point files, world documents from our computer. Frequently it’s the density, which loss with them or the additional time it would be irregular communication. This app now sum to the convenient, all workers and industry executives to run their firm clearly without any haste. Using these apps they can simply small their plan and accomplish it exactly. 

Businesses are mostly run with lot of stress and tension. Without business, we cannot survive with the world because they only introduce the new things to the market and they make us delighted. They are also facing a lot of problem and they look for the solution for their problems. If their plans are creative it will help them a lot for their business. These apps are going to help for the business executives and also for the growth of their business.

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