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SEO: How to get it right

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not as tough as it sounds. With the World Wide Web becoming denser by the day, it makes sense to have some knowledge about SEO in order to attract more and more visitors to your website.

The main motive of SEO is to enable you to reach out to people who are looking for you. It thus becomes important to match what people are trying to find with the content on your website.

Well researched keywords are the key to attracting visitors who are most likely to turn into customers.

LD SEO Sydney simplifies this process for you.

Finding the right keywords:

-        Look out for keywords that are relevant to the content posted on your website.

-        Keywords should have a high search volume. It means that more and more people should be searching for them.

-        There should be low competition for the keywords as smaller competition will ensure that your website is visible higher in the ranking order.

-        Also, one must remember that less popular keywords should make up 80% of your traffic. Incorporate a balance between most popular keywords and less popular ones.

Content Crafting

The next step in the SEO process, after the keywords have been selected, is the formation of content. Search engines have bots that crawl your website to find out the nature of the content. Optimizing the content for certain keywords will influence the bots and give your pages high rankings. It is also important to describe all the images, videos and audio clips so that the bots are able to read them.

The quality of the content should not be made to suffer just to incorporate the keywords. The persuasiveness of the content should remain intact and the keywords should not look forced.

Here are some other things to remember regarding the content:
-        Content should have a catchy title that makes a good first impression.
-        Keywords should be relevant.
-        Choose links that are related to the content on your website.
-        Content should be unique, error-free and engaging.
-        It also needs to be regularly updated.

 Code Optimization

The bots are programmed not just to read the content but also the code of the website. Therefore it is essential to optimise the eight different sections of the code as well. These codes include:

Title Tags
One should make sure that the keywords are placed in the title. Let us consider an example:
<Title> Affordable website design in Melbourne, Australia from Creative Web Designers<title>
The inclusion of the website name in the title in this example emphasises what the website is all about. People are most likely to search for “website design in Melbourne, Australia” or its variations. Each page should also have a unique title tag.

Meta Tags
The Meta tag informs gives the information about the nature of the website to the searchers. This is mentioned just below the website name and link when the website appears on the search pages.

The decision of the people to open the link depends on this tag greatly. The Meta tag should be short and crisp and should include the keywords for maximum impact. It would be great if each page has a unique Meta tag.

The headings on webpages are in the order H1, H2, H3 and so on and H1 is the main heading that occurs one on each page. Make sure that the heading are filled with keywords relevant to the content on the pages.

Sitemaps can be referred to as the road maps for search engines that offer direction to the bots to all pages of your portal. You can create two types of sitemaps – HTML and XML. While the XML sitemaps are specifically coded for reading by search engines, the HTML sitemaps are very easy to read for the people too. The visitors can be given an overview of everywhere they go using these.

Domain Name
The name of your website or the domain name is the address where the users access your website from. If a majority of your traffic comes from search engines then it makes sense to name your website as per its nature. Like for examples domain name like will automatically rank higher for people searching to buy gold.

URL structure, Alt Tags and Links
Avoid messy and long URLs so that it is easier for the bots to crawl to your website. Do not use extraneous characters (&, %, #, =,*) and avoid using underscores.

Alt tags need to be added to each image for its brief description. Match the name of the image to the atl tag.

Be careful of what links you use on your pages and which pages host your link. Beware of spammy sites and avoid reciprocal links.

Keeping these little things in mind will surely help to promote your website in the best possible way.

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