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Apploye 2019 Review - A best Employee Monitoring software for a productive workforce

It is important in the world of business today to know exactly what is happening in your office environment. Analyzing how to monitor employees is the best way to get this kind of information and with that detail, you will be able to manage your business.

Taking a cursory glance around the room, will you be able to tell who is working? Who is surfing the web, chatting online or playing online games? If you know how to monitor your staff, you will have all of the answers to these questions, plus a wealth more of detail.

A successful manager needs to make everything in control. On this occasion, it will be essential for managers to know whether the staffs are in good condition.

What Apploye software helps?

Apploye software can help you to monitor the activity of the employees which also includes keeping a record of the duration and name about those unfolding programs, tracking the addresses and screenshot of the websites. Also, it can track all the outdoor staff’s location to make sure when and where they are working.

What are the features of Apploye?

Online timesheet

Track your employee’s work status and the time spend in your organization

Employee scheduling

Powerful scheduling enables you to schedule your staff working days, holidays and plans their shifts accordingly in just a few clicks.

Projects and tasks

This feature allows you to track the projects and tasks based on time. Assign a project manager to monitor the projects and oversee them.

Employee monitoring

You can also monitor the project progress visually with random screenshots for a productive project.

Productivity level

The software also allows you to increase the productivity level and lessen the time spent on monitoring the employees individually.

Apps and URL tracking

Get the complete overview of your employees’ apps with URL visits

GPS Location tracker

You are also allowed to track your employees’ location and attendance with Apploye app. It includes a GPS tracker to make sure where and when they are working.

Managing field services

Schedule outdoor staff for given tasks, dispatch them, track time and monitor the progress in real-time.

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What are the benefits of using Apploye software of my organization? Do I need one?

When you install the Apploye software in your company, you will get loads of benefits like;

Getting total access to all of the systems, which create a transparent working environment

If offer you the power to control the actions for the betterment of your company. If you note that any of your staff have made any fault, you can immediately make the changes.

It does not matter where your staff is working and which time zone they are working in, you still be able to track them with the help of GPS tracker with Apploye app.

Such software will not just help you with the improvement and correction of work, but it also will lessen the workload falls on administration. The software offers you the right trace of the work hours of your staff, which will lead to structured payroll management.

Every step you take with the software will lead you to enhanced profitability and productivity.

If you are looking to have such monitoring software in your company then why don’t you opt for Apploye? This software is crafted for an organization’s need for monitoring and surveilling the staff.

It can record desktop activities in real-time. Apart from other technically advanced results and features, the tool is also very easy to use and download. Also, you get a mobile version, so track and monitor your employees on the go.

Tell us more about the GPS tracking

  • Easily accessible feature GPS location tracker offers;
  • Ability to track outdoor staff location and their whereabouts
  • Track their working hours and attendance hassle-free
  • Reassures about your employee’s progress level who work remotely.
  • The GPS tracker is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Usually, employee monitoring software is very hard to use, but this not the case. Let’s see how to Sign up.

  • Click the Sign-up button and fill the details required.
  • You will get a confirmation mail to the given mail id.
  • Now click the “Verify the account”
  • Now fill the details used while creating the account to log in.
  • You will now see two options “Add organization and Join organization”
  • Click either one if you are the owner or manager of the organization then click add organization. Click join the organization if you are an employee
  • The Apploye software is available for both Windows and Mac versions. There is also a mobile app version to monitor your organization on the go.

Technical details of Apploye

Devices Supported

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android

Pricing plan

  • Unmonitored - $3 Per month/Per user
  • Monitored - $6 Per month/Per user
  • Enterprise – Get a Quote

An employee monitoring software or service helps you realize savings in money and time. No longer will project managers have to use up hours manually preparing work schedules. Filling up spreadsheets, or dealing with budget constraints – all these can be done in just half the time or even less with employee tracking software like Apploye.

Tracking and monitoring your staff help them to understand your business processes and it also helps you to tweak the needed areas. It also allows the manager to offer relevant feedback to staff, whether it be negative or positive. Overall, companies can utilize Apploye software to experience enhances employee engagement and business growth.

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