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Milanote – A note – taking app for visual people, project managers and task management

As a blogger I always adore productivity tools, planners and social media apps. I love trying them and one of the top favorites that I recently discovered is the Milanote. This tool helps you to organize your notes into visual boards and allow you to arrange them side by side on an unbounded canvas to see connections and patterns. 

Milanote helps me to capture ideas, images and draft blog posts. The app also comes with 100s of built – in templates to help you get started with a wide range of projects, from designing a moodboard to crafting a splendid creative brief. 

What is Milanote? 

To make it simpler, it’s a web – based note taking application that works like notebooks, legal pads and canvases. Its created for project developers for creative planning and includes too many features. Milanote is a task management tool of a tech stack. You can integrate this app to your Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Sheet and Trello. 

This app allows you save more than just notes. You can easily track to – do – list, upload files, tasks, save videos, images and much more and all under one roof, side by side. Im suggesting this app to my project management peers for their next creative project. 

The app is available for both web and Mac and also includes a companion iPhone application which makes task easier for creating excellent visual boards of inspirations and ideas that can be organized the way you like. 

The features of Milanote 

· The tool allows you to create, edit and save notes. You can add images, arrows and lines or also column notes and free – form text notes on each pasteboard. 

· The tool also allows you to add notebooks within notebooks 

· It can back up everything you create immediately and forever 

· Includes a drawer to the pasteboard in which the user can easily include notes that you have not sorted yet into a suitable notebook 

· Drag files to browser to upload them 

What I love the most in Milanote? 

The real – time collaboration is what is loved the most out of all the features of this too. You can easily share the board by just filling in your collaborator’s email id or just copy the link and whether the person must have editing options or read only. 

You will also be shown the edited objects by highlighting and marked with the initials of the person who does the editing while you are still checking or editing the board. This feature works like the Google Suite app. 

Milanote does not include any other tools other than this for collaborating and it does not include any dedicated spaces for chats, for instance. You can create a text box on the board and just use it to jot down notes to one another – less attractive but workable solution. 

Also, if you wish to share the boards in other ways, you can also export them to a wide range of formats which includes; 

· PDF 

· PDF Canvas 

· Plain text 

· Markdown text 

· Word documents 

The Pros of Milanote 

· An excellent tool for collaboration - This app works wonders for though maps, taking notes and brainstorming. 

· Choices of versions - There is also a free version of the app that works great. Tried and tested! 

· Real time collaboration – As mentioned you and other peers are allowed to work on a single note with the help of real time collaboration feature. 

· Backups notes instantly – the application can backup your notes immediately along with the changes that you have made recently. This feature is very useful when your device shuts off unexpectedly. 

The cons of Milanote 

The only con of Milanote from my perspective is that the app is available “Online” only. As I'm a blogger and I work offline as well I sometimes have to login to use the app. 

The pricing 

The pricing of the tools in $9.99/per month/user 

Review of the tool 

For creative freaks it’s an excellent tool that works just like Evernote 

Rating for the tool 

I can give 5 for this tool as it makes my blog drafting easier than before 

Where to buy the app? 

If you wish to buy or try the free version then Contact Milanote.

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