Friday, October 28, 2016

iPhone Converter Apps You Didn’t Know About

Nowadays, numerous interesting apps can be found on the iOS platform for purposes you can’t even imagine. Just name the thing you need: to be more productive, to get up early or to take care of finances and hit the App Store icon. All those useful and unusual apps are a product of people’s different requirements and desires. Given that many professionals deal with diverse file formats on a daily basis, they often need to convert one file format to another in order to work faster and smarter. That’s why today we’ll show you some converter app you probably didn't know about, but that will save your time and give you a hand with your daily tasks.

Dragon Dictation

This helpful app enables you to transform your verbal thoughts into text, notes and e-mails immediately. Turn your iPhone into a modern improved dictaphone that will spare you from squandering your time and effort on typing on the keyboard. Dragon Dictation allows you to update your status directly to Facebook or Twitter. Also, it supports many global languages, such as Spanish, French, German, Italian and many others. Dragon Dictation is a perfect app for busy people who are always on the go and texting a lot. Simple stop writing and start speaking, it’s much easier.
Price: Free


For all music fans, this is a must have converter app. MyMP3 makes it simpler to listen to some of your favourite songs since it converts quickly any video you can view on your device into a MP3 file. Later on, it’s possible to share the song with your friends via e-mail, social networks or instant messaging app or open it with other apps as well.  Another convenient feature is that it’s possible to rename tracks and artist names. A nice way to put your special song on your favourite player - iPhone. 

Price: Free


When it comes to document management, this handy app is an essential part of your iPhone tool kit. To PDF converts efficiently any kind of documents, even the paper ones, into high-quality PDF. Some of the convertible formats are web pages, contacts, text messages pictures and many others. Afterwards, there is an option to share it via cloud services or e-mail. Likewise, To PDF enables annotating PDFs  by adding photos, drawings or text notes. A quick and uncomplicated way to make professional PDFs of any document.

Price: Free

Image to Excel Converter

Another unique converter app, indispensable for all everyday Excel users. Image to Excel Converter transforms photos of tables into editable Excel spreadsheets. It’s possible to convert paper copies, but also digitalized ones in form of screenshots. Also, there are no limitations on how many pictures you’d like to convert or their size. Image to Excel Converter has powerful OCR engines, so the ultimate result is a great conversion quality. This app will definitely save you time whenever you need to modify the tabular document, import new data or simply make digital copies of paper documents.

Price: Free


Last, but not the least old school unit and currency converter. The amount is a lightweight app that enables you to convert units smoothly with just two clicks of your finger. The results are shown in a single display neatly and clearly, side by side. Likewise, it’s possible to view your conversion history, even old exchange rates for currencies. The amount also offers customised options - it lets you create your own lists and select units you’d like to see. Don’t bother your pretty little head with calculations, simply let this genius app the all the work for you.

Price: $0.99

Is there any other converter app you use and would recommend us? Please share it in comments.

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